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Take Your Dog to Work Day

By January 14, 2022 March 2nd, 2022 Uncategorized
Take Your Dog to Work Day: Tips from Your Streamwood Veterinarian

Do you miss your dog while you’re working hard to bring home the kibble? We bet your pup misses you! Friday, June 22 is the 20th Take Your Dog to Work Day, an event that encourages employers and employees to reap the benefits of dogs in the workforce. Having your four-legged best friend by your side can make the day go faster, plus a break for cuddles and play provides stress relief on a hectic day. For a successful Take Your Dog to Work Day, follow these tips from your Streamwood veterinarians at Sutton Road Animal Hospital.

Guidelines for Taking Your Pet to Work

Make comfort level a top guideline for taking your pet to work. This includes the comfort level of your coworkers and your dog. Ask if anyone has allergies, anxieties or other reasons why they would not be comfortable with your dog nearby. Then consider if your dog would be comfortable spending eight hours in a strange place. Also, consider your day’s schedule: Will you be free to address any issues that arise (barking, potty accidents or restless energy) with the tasks you need to complete on Take Your Dog to Work Day?

Dog Office Checklist

To create a pet-friendly workplace environment, follow this dog office checklist:

  1. Clear your work area of plants, cleaning products, toxic foods (like chocolates in a candy dish), cords or other hazards.
  2. Bring a pet bed, puzzle toys (avoid the squeaky), food, treats and a water dish.
  3. Set up a baby gate, pet pen or any other barriers needed to keep your pet safe.
  4. Plan potty and exercise breaks.
  5. Create a backup plan to get your dog home if the day goes south.
Schedule an Appointment with our Streamwood Veterinarian

To help your dog make a good impression on his first day of work, we can make sure his smile is bright and his coat is healthy. In addition to wellness exams, we offer flea, tick and heartworm prevention, dental cleanings, vaccinations and microchipping. Call us today at (847) 742-8298 to schedule an appointment with Sutton Road Animal Hospital in Streamwood, IL.

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