How Often Should Your Pet Receive A Teeth Cleaning?

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Pet Teeth Cleanings at Sutton Road Animal Hospital

If you are wondering how often your pet should have a teeth cleaning, our team at Sutton Road Animal Hospital in Streamwood is here to help. Our veterinarians can help you understand the importance of pet oral care and when a dental cleaning is needed.

How Often Should Your Pet Receive a Teeth Cleaning?

It is essential that you help maintain your dog or cat’s oral health. Unfortunately, many pet owners overlook this, but the truth is that poor dental care can lead to a variety of problems, including bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, uncontrolled drooling, and even pain while eating that can lead to a loss of appetite. In severe cases, untreated dental problems can also lead to liver, heart, and kidney disease.

How often your pet should have a teeth cleaning will depend on certain factors like your pet’s age, breed, and overall health. Typically, you will need to brush the teeth of older pets more often. Additionally, smaller dog breeds are often more prone to dental issues than larger ones, meaning that they should have their teeth brushed more often. Also, there is quite a bit of natural variation. This is because some dogs and cats will have naturally healthier teeth than others and not need as much dental care.

At least once every year, you should be taking your pet to our clinic for a dental exam. Our veterinarians will provide various diagnostic tests to check your pet’s oral health. We will also thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth and check below the gum line for any potential signs of problems.

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If you are looking for a veterinarian in Streamwood that provides quality pet dental care, contact the professionals at Sutton Road Animal Hospital. Here, we can provide your pet the care they need to live healthy and pain-free lives. Don’t let your pet’s dental health go unchecked. Contact us to schedule your pet’s next appointment or to learn more about the veterinary services we offer.

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