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  • The Poop on Puppy Mills
    If you're thinking about getting a dog, there are some important things you should know before making that final decision.  First and foremost, take a deep breath and reflect honestly about if you have the time and can afford to take on the...
  • Understanding the Fine Print in Pet Insurance Policies
    Pet insurance is making veterinary care more affordable and accessible for many Americans. However, some customers feel that they have been "bitten'' by the fine print. As a record number of claims are being paid in the burgeoning pet...
  • The Gabriel Foundation: A home for birds
    Rhett, Scarlet, and Jade are good parrots. They loved their human “mom,” and never (OK, rarely) misbehaved. But through no fault of their own, they suddenly found themselves homeless when their owner fell seriously ill and could no...
  • Does Your Dog Pee when Excited?
    If your dog pees when excited, you're not alone.  In submissive or excited urination, a dog often takes on a submissive posture or pees when approached or during greetings.  Although this problem can be seen in dogs of any age, it is...
  • House Training Your New Puppy
    The goal of housetraining is to encourage and reinforce elimination in a desirable area for your new puppy.  Your new puppy needs to learn that it must eliminate outdoors. Indoor accidents set the process back and allow bad habits to form. With...
  • Do-it-yourself pet grooming: Five steps to success
    Grooming your pet yourself can be a great way to save money and bond with your pet. A professional grooming session can set an owner back up to $50 or $60 per session. Plus, people are busy, and regular trips to the groomer might prove...
  • Getting A New Puppy
    Are you ready for a new puppy? You've picked a name and loaded the kibble in the pantry and now can't wait for puppy to come home. After all, it's so cute and cuddly. But did you also know it can poop in the house, cost money, and shed...
  • Beware of Scams and Pet Fraud When Buying Dogs
    Looking to get a new puppy?  In addition to researching how a new puppy will change your life and making sure that you're ready for the commitment, prospective puppy buyers have  something new to consider.  From mutts to poodles,...

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